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Benefits of Community Management

Communities are the driving force of our lives. Communities, whether large or small, can make a difference. A community that is well-managed can create an atmosphere that is positive and fun. Some of the benefits of a well-managed community include:

Ownership of communities – In most communities, each community member owns their home and building, and also own their savings and investments. The overall power structure in a community is similar to that in a corporation. Member shares ownership with other community members, and participates in a number of management decisions.

Interested parties can provide mutual exchange for goods and services. This makes it possible for families to seek out the right products and services and reap the rewards when they do.

Accessibility – Communities are usually situated close to the geographic location. Communities do not have to be located in the middle of nowhere to provide access to services. People living near the community can contact their community and receive direct access to health care, grocery stores, libraries, recreation centers, schools, etc.

Increased contact between people – People in communities come into contact with one another often. They see, hear, eat, learn, and interact with one another frequently.

Increased interaction between community members – Communities provide people the opportunity to interact and build relationships. This helps individuals to understand one another and realize common goals and objectives.

Assets – Communities are known for their physical assets such as farmland, forests, and buildings. Assets can also be intangible assets such as pride in a community and its way of life.

Residents in a community may invest in the community properties, real estate, buildings, equipment, furniture, tools, and vehicles. These assets provide community members with financial security.

Encourages investment in community assets – Because communities can rely on their assets to compensate residents, this encourages people to invest in assets of the community. This translates into a greater amount of investment in the community.

Strong sense of community ownership – It is essential that people participate in group decision making, because they are representative of the community. Having people in the community have a sense of ownership is essential to having the success that is desired by the community.

Independence – One of the most important benefit of being a community member is the ability to be able to make decisions that will affect your community. Without the ability to make these decisions, you cannot have a community.

Communities are the engines of our lives. Communities that are well-managed will offer individuals and families an environment that is beneficial to personal growth and success.