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Let Me Tell You, Your Government is Going to Blow Your Mind

Human rights abuses are regularly seen in the United States. The abuses have occurred repeatedly over the years and continue to occur today, all because of the government’s fear that if it does not do what it is being asked to do, there will be a huge outcry that it should be held accountable for its misdeeds.

Government officials are constantly reminding us that human rights abuses are completely unacceptable is unacceptable.

But why, then, are they allowed to go on happening? We know the answer because our laws specifically forbid the government from ever prosecuting these types of people in a court of law.

Most of the abuses committed by the government against the American people are of basic human rights abuses. These include false imprisonment, torture, deportation, involuntary detention, kidnapping, indefinite detention, racial profiling, denial of due process, illegal imprisonment, unlawful seizure of personal property, deprivation of liberty, assault, battery, death, destruction of property, threats, false arrest, wrongful death, sexual abuse, invasion of privacy, and kidnapping.

It has long been said that when a government is willing to use all the means at its disposal to put away an enemy, then we may have to ask ourselves, who are the enemy? When a government uses every avenue at its disposal to arrest and imprison someone without charges being filed, where are the people?

At the same time, there is a US Supreme Court decision currently going through the courts in America which gives the government the right to indefinitely detain anyone in the United States, even if they are citizens.

While this ruling has yet to be confirmed, the Bush Administration has already used it as a shield to justify their own use of the indefinite detention of people within the United States.

When it comes to the issue of national security, the ruling gives the United States a great danger. They are given the authority to imprison anyone for life, which could have the unintended consequence of endangering any future generations of Americans if this practice is not stopped now.

Of course, as we have said before, if you do not like what the government is doing, you can try to stop it. You can speak out against these abuses and even file a lawsuit against the government if you feel it is necessary.

But, unfortunately, many Americans have already lost hope and have abandoned all hopes of finding justice, because of the abuse that has been practiced against the American people by the government. So, what can we do?

If the abuses continue to be given a pass, the only way to stop it is to elect a president of the United States who will see to it that no government officials are allowed to commit any human rights abuses against the American people. Not only does this president have to be someone with integrity, but also someone who understands the nature of human rights and does not allow the abuse to go on without punishment.

If you want to stop the abuses, then you need to make sure that no one ever gets out of control, because if that ever happens, there is no way to stop it.

  • In the end, you have to have a president who knows the laws and the nature of human rights.
  • If you really want to stop the abuses, then you need to make sure that the United States of America gets back on track.
  • Otherwise, the abuses will continue and the liberties that we once took for granted will never be recovered.