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Tips on Starting a Petition

Creating a petition is easy; it’s creating an impact. Not only does it have to be done as a form of protest, but it has to be a very compelling one. With such a difficult world that we live in, a petition with the right wording will go a long way.

Since we are in a democracy and the US government wants to be responsive to our concerns, they will take notice.

One good method for starting a petition is to use the internet to ask for a specific item. For example, if you are having trouble with your electric bill, you can ask for your electric company to charge you a small fee for each meter read, or you can go as far as asking them to give you a reduced rate.

Other ways to get people to sign your petitions are in person, and printable ones. In person, go to a rally, join the rallies in your area, and contact a few businesses about the issue you have. Some of these have been organized by employees and friends of the employees. They have no idea they are helping you with the petition, but they will sign it to show their support.

Printable petitions are a great alternative to pamphlets. To start a petition, you simply print a petition template and put your name on it. Then get a sign for the petition, so it has your face on it. It is not as effective as the other method, but can still make a statement if you mail it out to as many people as possible. If you want a signature, your petition will never get out of your hands.

Be sure to try and do a public relations campaign.

There are local and national news programs that are put on by the government or a political group, and are sent out on a daily basis to all the media, which you can use. You can even use the internet to help make the petition that much more effective.

Most citizens have phone lines in their homes and can give out your phone number and maybe even a personal comment about why you should have a petition. Make sure to visit every state capital and ask for help.

It is also best to set up a campaign to allow people to give you their information on how to contact you. This is a great way to get other people to join in on the petition as well. Try posting signs in business districts, and ask other businesses to make them available to the public.

A successful petition must get a response. Use the internet to search through the websites for your petition, and see what information people have submitted.

Go to your local Chamber of Commerce or some other organization. They may have a list of local businesses that you can contact. Another way to get a petition started, you can find a new newspaper and talk to the editor about this issue. Ask for help from the newspaper, and most likely they will help you with the petition as well.

You can also start a petition, but the petition will not go anywhere unless you get people to sign it.

  • A lot of people will sign it, but the few that will really make a difference. You may also get help from people that have started a petition already.
  • Since so many people can create a petition, you may also need help.
  • You can find other petition creators and join their groups. Getting other people to sign your petition may take some time, but it is worth it.